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G-Glow Multifunctional Wireless Charger

G-Glow Multifunctional Wireless Charger

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Introducing our G-GLOW Wireless Speaker Night Light, a revolutionary device that seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics to enhance your nightly routine and must-have for your bedroom

  • Wireless Convenience: Elevate your bedtime experience with our Wireless Speaker Night Light. Enjoy 15W fast charging for your phone effortlessly by placing it on the lamp base. (Note: Your phone must have wireless charging capabilities and be plugged in.)
  • Improved Sound Quality: Immerse yourself in a premium music experience with the Type G wireless speaker. Revel in crystal-clear, high-quality sound that transforms your room into a personal audio haven.
  • Musical Light Show: Experience a captivating light show with six colour modes that sync with your music. Let the lights dance to the rhythm, creating an immersive and mesmerizing ambiance in your room.
  • Beautiful Room Decoration: Enhance your home decor with this multifunctional night light and wireless speaker. It’s warm and inviting glow adds a touch of elegance to any room, making it a thoughtful and beautiful gift for special occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • Continuous Sound: Equipped with a 1200mAh battery, our wireless speaker night light ensures a continuous musical experience for up to 6 hours after a 2-3 hour USB charge. Keep the ambience lively all night long without interruptions.

Product Description: Transform your bedtime routine with ENERGLOW'S Wireless Speaker Night Light, combining fast wireless charging, premium sound quality, and a mesmerizing light show. This multifunctional device serves as a beautiful room decoration, adding warmth and elegance to your space. With 15W fast charging capability and a Type G wireless speaker, it effortlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Immerse yourself in a musical light show with six colour modes that sync with your favourite tunes. The device operates continuously for up to 6 hours on a single 2-3 hour USB charge. Elevate your nightly ambiance and make every night a special occasion with this unique and versatile Wireless Speaker Night Light.

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