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Head & Neck Training Harness for Strength

Head & Neck Training Harness for Strength

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Unleash Your Neck and Head Strength with Precision – Elevate Your Power Training with Our Adjustable Head Harness!

Versatile Strength Training: Our Head and Neck Training Head Harness is a versatile fitness accessory designed for power and strength training. It allows you to target and strengthen your neck and head muscles effectively.

Adjustable Strap for Custom Fit: The harness features an adjustable strap that ensures a custom fit for users of all sizes. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced athlete, you can tailor the harness to meet your specific needs comfortably.

Heavy-Duty Weight Bearing Capacity: Built to last, this head harness is constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand heavy loads. With its impressive weight-bearing capacity, it's perfect for those looking to challenge themselves and increase their neck and head strength.

Ideal for Gym and Home Use: Whether you're working out at the gym or in the comfort of your home, this head harness is a valuable addition to your fitness routine. It's easy to use and can be incorporated into various exercises, helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Enhance Neck Stability and Muscle Tone: Regular use of this head harness can help enhance neck stability, improve muscle tone, and reduce the risk of injury during sports and weightlifting activities. It's a valuable tool for anyone looking to strengthen their neck and head muscles for improved overall fitness.


Neck Support Strap: With neck support strap to improve long term stability, while also properly securing weights. Improved Comfort: Constructed with padded and adjustable straps to enhance comfort for your head, forehead, and chin. Durable Strength Training Head Harness: Premium material, double stitching, heavy duty steel chain with D-Rings to reduce stress, wear and tear. Double Security - Screw-thread Lock Carabiner Design: Threaded nut locks secures the carabiner from accidentally sliding open while reinforcing the strength of the gate. Increase Strength and Techniques: Boxers, kickboxers, football players and MMA fighters particularly will benefit from using the harness to develop the strength of their neck.

Why you should strengthen your Neck?

✅ Injury can be prevented and pain will be relieved. ✅ Stretch and strengthen the muscles of your spine. ✅ Neck training can readily remedy the situation of poor cervical alignment. ✅ A strong neck is your best defense against concussion and any unwanted knockouts. ✅ The stronger the neck, the faster the strength gains in the upper extremities.

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