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Gyroscopic Powerball Arm and Hand Muscle Trainer

Gyroscopic Powerball Arm and Hand Muscle Trainer

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Strengthen Your Arms, Anytime, Anywhere

Exercise with the Powerball is easy; working alongside gym workouts, playing sports or general training. The Powerball exercises the arms in a way that conventional isotonic (free weight) exercise training cannot achieve, and it can involve a higher percentage of muscle fibres in a shorter time. If you want to improve your wrist, grip and arm strength, then the wrist training ball will be your perfect choice!

Strength/Power: The maximum possible rotation speed exceeds 12,000 rpm, which can generate resistance of up to 32kg. The Powerball is the ultimate product for wrist strengthening, with slow wrist rotation for gentle rehabilitation, or fast rotation for forearm exercises.

Get Stronger and Faster: Improve agility, speed, accuracy and endurance with our Powerball.

Strengthen for Everyday Activities: Whether playing Drums, Piano, Tennis, Cycling or Rock Climbing, or even for general strength, the Powerball helps to maintain strength, coordination and dexterity in their fingers and hands.

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