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Electrical Muscle Stimulator – Massager - 8 Massage Modes

Electrical Muscle Stimulator – Massager - 8 Massage Modes

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Relieve body pressure and soothe your pain!

The Electrical Muscle Stimulator (EMS) is unlike other existing general massaging devices that only rub the outside of the muscles. Our EMS massager also stimulates the inside of the muscles to enhance the blood circulation effectively for quick recovery from fatigue.

Maximum Relaxation: Provides deep tissue massage for the neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, feet, tights, calves, legs, feet and arms.

Multi-mode: With 8 massage modes and 19 intensity levels, the massager relieves tiredness, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.

Suitable for: Ergonomic mat design, very suitable for people who suffer from cervical discomfort, numbness, headaches and dizziness. It can be used in gyms, offices and at home.

Small and Lightweight: The EMS Massager is small enough to fit in a back pack or handbag. You can use it while reading, doing housework, working, watching TV, or even traveling on business or leisure. Fast USB interface charging.

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